Diane Labrecque, founder of the company O’SAUNA, is a passionate of preventive health who has been evolving in the field of alternative medicine for the past 30 years.

Nutritional consultant by profession, she is working in different branches of naturopathy and is a member of the ANQ, the Association of Naturotherapists of Quebec.

Diane has always been at the forefront of holistic health, starting with an interest in naturopathy, then jogging, followed by yoga and physical conditioning to finally arrive at the discovery of the importance of the infrared therapy with the use of the therapeutic infrared sauna, to help the body detoxify and regenerate itself in order to reach a state of holistic health.

Very interested in this technology which dates back to 1965, she was not able to find the infrared sauna that could answer her very high criteria of selection.

Following a series of comparative studies and in-depth research concerning the infrared technology and assisted by a technical engineer specializing in the domain of infrared science for the past 20 years, she created her own concept of infrared sauna according to her precise requirements and standards thus allowing the body to receive the ideal infrared therapy to completely detoxify and regenerate itself.

Following that discovery, O’SAUNA, a marvel for the health of the human body, was born to answer that need. At the very start of being launched, O’SAUNA has been received like it deserved to be; a highly therapeutic tool without any known equivalent on the market in terms of quality and performance.

O’SAUNA is destined to become a must for the well-being of your body. A marvel of great design, workmanship and performance, O’SAUNA offers you the ideal occasion for a relaxing and energizing pause accompanied with music; in fact a true fountain of youth for the complete body. The anti-aging tool par excellence!

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