“ We are the first generation of humans to be exposed to so many diverse chemicals and synthetic products that wreak untold havoc with our hormonal systems, accelerate aging and trigger cancer. ”

— Sherry A. Rogers MD, author of the book ‘DETOXIFY or DIE’

“ The emphasis in this book is on sauna therapy for those who desire relaxation as well as restoration of energy and body function. ”

— Nenah Sylver PhD, Author of ‘The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy’

“ One of the reasons that repeated use of far infrared have beneficial results in a variety of illnesses is the ability of FIR waves to stimulate the circulation, factor which is often at the core of many health problems. ”

— Toshiko Yamazaki MD, Author of ‘The science of Far Infrared Therapies’

“ All patients completed this study on the benefits of thermal therapy with a far infrared dry sauna, and no patient had worsened clinical symptoms, cardiac arrhythmia, hypotension or dehydration. ”

— Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Vol.39, No.5, 2002

“ The Infrared Thermal System makes it possible to achieve a cardiovascular training effect. Recent research shows that you don’t have to run marathons to become fit. ”

— University of California, Berkeley, Wellness Letter, 10/90

“ The scientific community has manifested a growing interest for the potential of infrared waves. NASA has been using an infrared system in their space shuttle aimed at conducting infrared research. ”

— Canadian Association of Massage Therapists, 03/05

“ Medical experts specialized in performing autopsies have confirmed that drug residues and other toxic substances can stay in the body, accumulate over the years and cause different kinds of reactions. ”

— L. Ron Hubbard, Author of the book ‘The Purification’


Infrared therapy was discovered in Japan in 1965 by Dr Tadashi Ishikawa. Preserved for many years as the private ground for medical doctors and hospitals, infrared therapy, or the use of infrared waves for healing, has been used in incubators for premature babies or infrared lamps which are used for the repair of damaged tissues.

Recognized in the medical and therapeutic fields for more than forty years, infrared therapy, officially started in Japan in 1965, has been tested by various clinics worldwide, among others the Mayo Clinic. Ten doctors who made intensive research confirmed the therapeutic effects of the infrared sauna used with cardiac patients along with their results.

Widespread all over Europe, infrared therapy is still unknown to many North Americans. Ideal for those who cannot support heat comfortably, O’SAUNA therapeutic infrared saunas present none of the inconveniences or contra-indications of traditional saunas which warm up the body indirectly by heating up the ambient air.

In an infrared sauna, the body is warmed up directly by the emanation of the infrared waves without increasing the room temperature. Penetrating the skin up to 4 cm deep, the warming effect happens at the very heart of the muscular tissue thus provoking a profuse sweating effect up to three times superior to traditional saunas.

The radiant energy of O’SAUNA therapeutic sauna works by resonance frequency on the cellular membrane itself bringing you an in-depth detoxifying effect. The temperature is generally maintained between 120°F - 160°F or 50°C - 70°C contrarily to conventional steam saunas that attain peak temperatures reaching up to 220°F or 105°C.

The therapeutic effects of this powerful tool on the health of the human body largely surpass the simple relief of stress, fatigue, chronic pains, arthritis, muscular pains and respiratory problems. In fact, O’SAUNA fulfills its therapeutic virtues on weight control, the elimination of cellulite, the repair of damaged tissue, the strengthening of the immune system, the increase of blood circulation and the quality of the skin to name a few beneficial effects.

The benefits of infrared therapy are the modern product of a rich past of therapeutic experiences among others at the famous Mayo Clinic where doctors have been able to demonstrate the therapeutic value and safety of the infrared sauna. Those benefits represent a true revolution for the detoxification of the human body continually attacked by thousands of polluting agents.


The infrared sauna accomplishes what no other medication or surgery has been able to do in order to help the body eliminate through sweating all the toxins and pathogens imprisoned inside the cells. Furthermore, the whole family can safely use the infrared sauna which is not to say the least. Sweating is the only proven way to eliminate the chemical products and all other matter foreign to the body. Nothing else works in such a safe and powerful way.

One of the characteristics of infrared light is its ability to easily penetrate the skin’s human tissue. When that happens, a natural resonance having many beneficial and healing properties is created. We can be exposed to infrared heat during hours without getting our skin burnt. Infrared heat is completely safe for our health and every living thing on Earth.

It is only when our skin functions properly and normally that it can accomplish the most important of its functions being sweat. It is through sweat that we eliminate toxins and rejuvenate our skin and whole body. Consequently, O’SAUNA therapeutic infrared sauna is the anti-aging tool par excellence without any equal. A beautiful skin and hair are the mirror of a healthy body.

As part of a complete health program, O’SAUNA has the unique integral infrared therapy sytem that brings an in-depth detox of the entire body in order to eliminate the various toxins and pathogens accumulated in our body over the years. It helps to lose weight and cellulite, activates the entire circulation, relieves pain from chronic aches, stress, fatigue, arthritis, muscular spasms from the very beginning of its use.

Concerning the massage therapy, O’SAUNA infrared sauna warms up the entire muscular mass of the body. This makes it the ideal pre-massage therapy for the health and fitness buffs who can feel its soothing and healing effect from the very first session.

As for the field of aesthetics, it has been scientifically proven as the ideal therapy before any skin treatment as well as the best solution for anti-aging. The infrared waves penetrate as deep as 4 cm and release all the impurities hidden inside the pores of the skin.

Our high end saunas are used in the residential and professional markets. O’SAUNA infrared saunas are hand built with the highest quality workmanship. Our IR saunas are recognized as being the sturdiest infrared saunas on the market with the highest performance rating. Their unique features and our exceptional service are greatly appreciated from our customers who use them in all safety.

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